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SIA Fit For Purpose?

"We apologise for the poor service."

Reads the SIA web site. Is this apology enough?

When the GMB first backed the Private Security Act it was because we believed as we still do that the way to improve the lot of our members in Security was to raise standards. To raise the level of both professionalism and delivery. That seemed to be the task of the SIA.

Not to be a financial drain on the very industry that it was designed to serve.

Not to be a barrier to out members ability to work.

Not to be seen to be a money machine for whichever Government that is in power.

These are all observations that our members have made over the last few months. With the advent of the next batches of licences just around the corner, there are major questions that the SIA need to publicly answer.

More importantly there is a major issue of confidence, can the Security Industry be confidant let alone the public. With the SIA struggling with the first reissue how will they cope with the efficient licensing of Keyholders? As the Union for the Security Industry the GMB will be making major efforts to ensure that the dream of a professional Security Industry is not lost within a bureaucratic morass.  As GMB members your voice will be heard both at Government and within the press. We gladly give the SIA right of reply which we will make available on our website.


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