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SIA stats shine a light on alleged malpractice

Industry bodies responsible for handing out awards received 47 reports of alleged training malpractice between 1st October and 30th November 2007, figures released by the SIA show.

The door supervision sector was worst hit, with 26 incidents of alleged malpractice reported to its awarding bodies in the two-month period.
According to the SIA, malpractice can refer to cheating in exams, courses being shortened to make it easier for candidates or inappropriate support being offered to non-English speakers.
Nine allegations were made to bodies awarding guarding qualifications and a further four claims were made to their counterparts in the close protection sector. Awarding bodies in the vehicle immobilisation sector received three claims of malpractice, while the public space surveillance (CCTV) sector garnered just two. No complaints were made about the cash in transit sector. For three of the complaints, no sector was specified.
However, the statistics may not be representative of training standards on the ground as one allegation can refer to an individual candidate or the general behaviour of staff at a training centre. Likewise, a single training and assessment centre may be the subject of several different allegations.
“This makes it difficult for us to know exactly how many individual qualifications are affected by an allegation of malpractice,” an SIA statement said.

“The statistics may not represent standards on the ground as a single training and assessment centre may be the subject of several different allegations.”


Taking action
Of the 47 reported cases of training malpractice identified above:
• 27 cases were under investigation as of 30 November 2007
• 12 cases were closed after the awarding bodies had investigated the allegations and reported their findings.
• Six cases were closed due to lack of evidence of wrong-doing or insufficient information to identify the centre.
• Two training centres had their centre approval status withdrawn.
For the two-month period in question, a total of 18,483 qualifications were issued across the industry. The SIA plans to update these statistics next month, with subsequent reports published retrospectively on a quarterly basis.

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