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Security workers under threat of attack and injury because of Council Bylaws

GMB today warned Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Police to act swiftly to change the bylaws and solve the problem of access to the Argyle Street pedestrian precinct so that it is accessible to security vans delivering and collecting cash. A failure to change the bylaws could result in a ban on delivering and collecting money to the restricted area by security guards.

GMB wants security vans to be allowed to access the pedestrian area to protect the security guards from attack as they deliver and collect money. It is not possible for security vans to enter the precinct without passing a "no entry" sign; therefore it is not possible to drive onto the precinct without breaking the law and receiving a booking from the Council’s parking enforce team who too are simply doing their jobs.

Security workers in their vans and working as guards are threatened, attacked and injured by criminals every day.

George Gillespie, Head of the Land Services department at Glasgow City Council has confirmed that only emergency vehicles and Glasgow City Council vehicles have dispensation to enter the precinct, and that has been the case since the area was pedestrianised decades ago. He also confirmed that, unlike other pedestrianised areas in Glasgow, Argyle Street is a strictly pedestrian area 24/7.

Gary Smith, GMB National Secretary said, “Unless the Council amends the bylaws to allow GMB members to do their jobs in safety then GMB will tell them not to service the Argyle Street area with cash. Every employer has a duty to safe guard their workers and G4S cannot be expected to run the risk of their workers being attacked because of Council bureaucracy. Worker safety is too important.”

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