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GMB Cash In Transit (CIT) Security Conference Asks That GMB Address Chief Constables Conference To Urge Action To Deal With CIT Attacks

Criminal gangs of robbers attacking GMB security members must be taken off the streets says GMB conference

70 representatives of the security guards working in the security companies delivering and collecting Britain’s cash meeting today at a GMB Security Conference Brighton called on Gary Smith, GMB’s national officer for the security industry to ask to address Britain’s Chief Police Officers on the growing problem of Cash In Transit attacks throughout the UK.

Across the CIT industry in 2005, 836 security workers were attacked whilst moving cash and valuables around the UK. Out of these attacks, 208 involved a firearm and 170 couriers were injured. This is a 10% increase on 2004 attacks and a 20% increase on the 2003. Already this year there has been a further rise in attack levels of 19% compared with the same period in 2005. This is a concerning trend for the industry and the workers in it. 14,000 security staff work in CIT with a total fleet of 4,000 vehicles and transport over £5 hundred billion each year i.e. £1.4 billion per day.

So far in 2006, 96 CIT workers have suffered injuries during attacks, 13 of these have been seriously injured. They have suffered shootings, pistol whippings, severe beatings and broken bone and pos-traumatic stress. Already this year, 3 workers and a member of the public have been shot by CIT criminals.

The GMB conference received a report on the new licensing arrangements in the security industry. A total of 289 companies had been approved as contractors. See below the number in each county in the UK and as a percentage of the UK total. The conference was told that there had been 207,974 applications for a license from individual security guards of which 171,685 had been granted and 6,136 were refused and 30,153 were in the pipeline. A total of 276 security personnel had their license revoked or suspended.

Gary Smith, GMB National Officer told the conference, “Great progress has taken place in approving the security contractors and licensing the security guards who work for them. This is a big improvement which weeds out the criminal element.

GMB members in CIT now want greater priority from the Police to tackle the criminal gangs of robbers who are targeting our members and injuring them in violent attacks in the course of their work. These people must be taken off the streets and that is the job of the Police. I will contact the Association of Chief Police Officers to take forward their demand that GMB raises the issue directly with the UK’s Chief Police Officers to urge action.

I want to pay tribute to the work of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and its members the determination and commitment to get the industry on a proper footing and to take all the measures necessary to safeguard GMB members health and well-being.”


Contact: Gary Smith, GMB National Officer for the Security Industry on 07710 618909. GMB Press Office: Steve Pryle on 07921 289880 or Rose Conroy on 07974 251823.

Total 289

  Number of approved contractors %
London 61 21.1
Surrey 22 7.6
Essex 17 5.9
West Midlands 15 5.2
Lancashire 13 4.5
West Yorkshire 10 3.5
Greater Manchester 9 3.1
Kent 9 3.1
Hertfordshire 8 2.8
Northamptonshire 8 2.8
Hampshire 7 2.4
Merseyside 7 2.4
Cheshire 6 2.1
Nottinghamshire 6 2.1
Avon 5 1.7
Buckinghamshire 5
Derbyshire 5 1.7
Gloucestershire 5 1.7
Berkshire 4 1.4
Cambridgeshire 4 1.4
Leicestershire 4 1.4
South Yorkshire 4 1.4
Tyne and Wear 4 1.4
West Sussex 4 1.4
Wiltshire 4 1.4
Bedfordshire 3 1.0
Dorset 3 1.0
Norfolk 3 1.0
Oxfordshire 3 1.0
Cleveland 2 0.7
Devon 2 0.7
Herefordshire 2 0.7
Humberside 2 0.7
Lincolnshire 2 0.7
North Yorkshire 2 0.7
Staffordshire 2 0.7
Suffolk 2 0.7
Aberdeen 1 0.3
Ayrshire 1 0.3
Caerphilly 1 0.3
Cardiff 1 0.3
Cumbria 1 0.3
Glasgow 1 0.3
Gwynedd 1 0.3
Northumberland 1 0.3
Norfolk 1 0.3
Renfrewshire 1 0.3
Shropshire 1 0.3
Somerset 1 0.3
Warwickshire 1 0.3
West Glamorgan 1 0.3
Worcestershire 1 0.3

Security Industry Authority - approved contractors

Correct as of 17th November 2006

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