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SIA Update

As we approach the third year of the SIA licence scheme there are those within the industry who believe that the renewal of the first batch of Security Officers licences will not pass without a hitch.

As the flood of enquiries that will accompany the next batch of people needing to be licensed come ever nearer the SIA’s resources will become very more stretched.

The GMB are in constant communication with the SIA and a variety of other bodies such as Skills For Security in an effort to best protect our members.

It was a surprise that on October 11th 2006

“John Saunders, Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) today announced his decision to move on from the Authority to pursue new opportunities.

In a letter to the Private Security Industry, John said: “The past four and a half years building and developing the SIA and implementing the regulation have been incredibly demanding and difficult. But I am pleased to have contributed to the foundations of the industry’s transformation and addressing probably the biggest change it will ever face. Few industries could claim to have a national role as pivotal as the private security industry, or such an opportunity to enhance public safety, protection and prosperity. And few regulators could claim such tough challenges or the chance to make such a marked difference."

The GMB will back substantial efforts to ensure the new CEO is both aware of our members and that their best interests are protected.

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