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Bullying At Work Growing Problem Particularly Amongst Young Workers

GMB today agreed with the report of the growing problem of bullying at work. The problem is reported mostly from young workers who have little of no knowledge of their rights at work.

The report revealed that four out of five workers had been bullied but most had not made a complaint. Law firm Peninsula said its study of 2,000 managers and 1,300 workers showed that bullying was a growing problem.

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary said, “GMB Workplace representatives deal with allegations of bullying at work on a daily basis. It especially affects young workers who know little or nothing about their rights at work. It is the most reported problems that they deal with outstripping complaint about pay and long hours.

Young workers in the retail, security and the leisure sectors are most affected but it can happen anywhere.

There is no excuse for employers failing to deal with bullying. A zero tolerance policy in a workplace soon gets the message over to managers and staff. It is an employer’s duty to make sure all their employees are protected from being bullied.

Workers in organised workplaces are less likely to put up with bullying at work as they have the ability to get it sorted out by their trade union. It also provides management in trade union organised workplaces are more confident in dealing with the issue as they have procedures that have been agreed with the union to follow.

Workers in non-union workplaces seldom have the confidence to report the bullying let alone confront the perpetrator as it can be a career destroying move to report bullying.



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Notes to Editors:GMB produces a Bargaining Brief on how to deal with bullying at work which is available at or from Charlotte Gregory on 020 8971 4209/5 or

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