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GMB Charter for Security Workers Cash and valuables in transit (CVIT)

Government Responsibility

· Increase police resources to deal specifically with armed robbery.
· Local authority planning guidelines to ensure that safe cash handling systems are a legal requirement.
· Increased prison sentence for carrying guns and weapons illegally.
· Local authorities to remove restrictions on CVIT vans.
· Ensure ATM’s sites are fully risk assessed and safe before installation.
· Produce crime statistics that identify CVIT attacks separately.


· Customers of CVIT to take more responsibility for reducing attacks.
· Docking systems for the safe transfer of cash in new build and refurbishments.
· Customers to comply with all Health and Safety obligations.
· Safe areas and procedures for transfer of cash in banks and retail outlets.
· Fast tracking routes within banks and shopping centres for CVIT couriers.
· Ensure CCTV systems are working and monitored


· Full compliance with Health and Safety obligations, and carry out risk assessments.
· Provision of suitable Personal Protective Equipment.
· Ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained.
· Provide safe work systems and ensure they are resourced.
· Provide comprehensive personal safety training for all employees.
· Introduce a compensation scheme for staff who are victims of violence through work.

For all parties involved

Increase awareness that this is not a victimless crime. Our members and their families are often left to suffer, after a violent attack, for the rest of their lives.

Suffered an attack at work?

Tell GMB about the attack you suffered at work.

Complete the case study

Also dont forget to report the incident to the police!