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Security Industry And GMB Call For Greater Government Resources To Combat Cash

A Parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) tabled on behalf of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and the GMB trade union has gained significant backing from MPs. The EDM, which calls on the Government to recognise attacks against cash-in-transit (CIT) couriers as ‘…a human rather than purely business crime and to tackle the problem urgently as part of its wider organised crime agenda…’, has the backing of 84 cross-party MPs and is on course to go beyond 100 names.

The EDM is part of a joint campaign by the BSIA and the GMB union to highlight the scale of attacks against CIT couriers. The campaign aims to:

· Recognise that the provision of cash is an essential public service to businesses and Consumers.

· Highlight the growing number of CIT attacks.

· Raise awareness of the increased proportion of violent attacks using knives, guns and other weapons.

· Commend the bravery of CIT crews who deliver cash.

An industry study has revealed that the robbery of a CIT vehicle can directly result in up to fifteen other crimes being committed before or after the attack, and the proceeds are used to fund other criminal activity.

Representatives from the BSIA, the GMB and industry leaders have already met with Hazel Blears MP, Home Office Minister, at which there were discussions about the need to give a higher priority to CIT robbery.

David Dickinson, Chief Executive of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) said: “We are delighted that so many Members of Parliament are backing our Early Day Motion. The growing number of attacks against cash-in-transit (CIT) couriers is one of the major challenges facing our industry. At our recent meeting with the Home Office Minister Hazel Blears, we sought to ensure that the Government recognised that these are crimes against individuals, not just businesses.

“Hazel Blears agreed to review how CIT crime is classified, to encourage police forces to share best practice and to enter into a dialogue with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister about using planning laws to help provide ‘safe havens’ for cash deliveries. The Minister also agreed that, as a vital public service, CIT should come within the scope of the recently-announced Respect Action Plan.”

Gary Smith, GMB National Officer for the Security Industry, said: “This campaign aims to acknowledge the dangers facing our members and to set out clear proposals for ensuring that they can operate in a safe environment. Increasingly our members are facing more violent criminals and they deserve better support from the police and Government. It’s no good waiting until a courier or another member of the public is killed.”

Ian Nisbet, Chairman of the BSIA’s CIT Communications Committee and Managing Director of G4S Cash Services (UK), said: “We thank the Police for their continued diligence and support in combating cash delivery crime. Some police forces have been particularly successful in tackling organised crime but we believe that with a consistent approach by forces across the UK, this type of crime can be reduced further. This will in turn reduce the risk to both CIT couriers and members of the public”

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